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The Teen Parents Support Programme -TPSP for short- is a support service for young mothers, young fathers and their families from pregnancy until the baby is 2 years of age.

We offer support, information and advocacy in all areas of a young parent's life including health, relationships, parenting, child care, social welfare entitlements, education, training and anything else about which the mother or father is concerned.

This support can be tailored and delivered in a way that best suits the individual needs of each young parent. For more information on the type of supports that are available please go to our Support page.

Currently there are 11 TPSPs throughout Ireland. To find out if there is a TPSP in your area go to Where to find a TPSP.


Focus on Fathers: Free Workshop March 23rd 2017

Free Workshop
The TPSP is offering a free one-day Workshop for professionals who have contact with young fathers. This will take place in the Aisling Hotel, Dublin 8 on March 23rd 2016.
The aims of the Workshop are to:
  • raise awareness regarding the value of fatherhood in a child’s life
  • introduce participants to the use of the Young Dads Resource Pack and other material relevant to their work with young fathers.
The Young Dads Resource Pack was developed by the Louth TPSP with funding from the HSE Sexual Health and Crisis Pregnancy Programme.  It is a practical programme which aims to develop the parenting skills of young men, empowering them to make informed choices regarding their parental responsibilities by identifying and responding to their needs as young fathers.

If you would like to register for the Workshop contact :
Margaret Morris, National Co-ordinator, TPSP.   tpsp@treoir.ie or 087-2518428.


Pre-Budget Submission 2017
Download TPSP PRE-BUDGET SUBMISSION 2017.PDF (775 Kb, 08 July 2016)

Strategy for Education and Skills 2016-2018
Download TPSP SUBMISSION.PDF (531 Kb, 08 June 2016)

TPSP Summary of Work 2015
Download TPSP SUMMARY OF WORK 2015.PDF (1,231 Kb, 24 Nov 2016)

The TPSP Toolkit:Free One-day Workshops

Through our experience of working with teenage parents, TPSP staff have built up a range of knowledge and skills which have helped us work effectively with this group of young people. We have now developed a new resource The TPSP Toolkit to support both TPSP staff and other community-based professionals in their work with teenage parents.
TheTPSP is  offering a  free one-day Workshop for professionals who wish to use this resource in their work with pregnant and parenting teens and their families. 

For more information contact:

Margaret Morris, National Co-ordinator, TPSP







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 Linking to http://www.tpsp.ie/download.php?page_id=1&fragment_id=139&download_id=25

Download THE YOUNG PARENTS SURVIVAL GUIDE.PDF (1,632 Kb, 11 Mar 2012)

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