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Carlow, Kilkenny & South Tippperary
If you live in Carlow, Kilkenny or South Tipperary contact:
Bernie Loughman, Project Leader
St. Catherine’s Community Services
St. Joseph’s Road
Tel: 059-9138700 or 085-1101511
E-mail: berniel@catherines.ie

Jean Kelly, Project Worker
St. Catherine’s Community Services
St. Joseph’s Road

Tel: 059-9138700 or 085-1101510
E-mail: jeank@catherines.ie


Claire McKenzie, Project Worker
The Drum
McDonagh Junction

Tel: 085-1689215

Website: www.catherines.ie


Evaluation of the Carlow/Kilkenny TPSP
Download EVALUATION REPORT HERE.DOC (281 Kb, 01 Apr 2012)

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The Young Parents Survival Guide
 Linking to http://www.tpsp.ie/download.php?page_id=12&fragment_id=139&download_id=25

Download THE YOUNG PARENTS SURVIVAL GUIDE.PDF (1,632 Kb, 11 Mar 2012)

Information Pack for Unmarried Parents (July 2016) and Amendments (March 2017)


Download AMENDMENTS MARCH 2017.PDF (38 Kb, 27 July 2017)

Other Support and Information
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