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Trish Hurley, Project Worker
Tel: 086 8278774
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Visit the website of the Cork TPSP: www.teenparents.ie 

Research on the Experiences and Needs of Grandparents.

Teenage pregnancy affects the whole family and in particular the parents of the young people involved. Trish Hurley, Project Worker with the Teen Parents Support Programme in Cork explored the impact of teenage pregnancy and teen parenting on these new grandparents. This valuable piece of research, Grandparents Before Time, Exploring the needs and experiences of parents whose children become teenage parents, will be of interest to anyone involved in the care, or the lives, of teenage parents and their families.

Download GRANDPARENTS BEFORE TIME.PDF (289 Kb, 06 July 2012)

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Other Support and Information

New Directions in St. John's Central College, Cork, provides an opportunity for young parents (aged 17-25) who want to develop a range of new skills, including computer skills, essential for themselves, the workplace and/or further education or training. It is possible for young parents to avail of this opportunity as they are supported both financially and practically with childcare.

Youth Health Service
The Youth Health Service, Cork  provides sexual health and other services to young people aged under 21. The Youth Health Service also provides support to partners/ family members affected by crisis pregnancy.

Cork City Childcare Company
This website aims to help parents find quality childcare in Cork City by listing the services by area and supplying guides on how to choose childcare and a childminder. Also on the site is information for childminders or those thinking about becoming childminders as well as information about the company.

Young Parent Services (Links) Cork University Hospital
‘Links’ is a programme supporting young parents up to 24 years of age. The programme supports young parents by providing information on the physical and emotional changes experienced during pregnancy and following birth of baby. 

The Bessborough Care Centre
The Bessborough Care Centre, Cork, offers a caring environment for pregnant women and teenage girls experiencing crisis, unplanned pregnancy or early parenting difficulties.