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Donegal TPSP covers the Letterkenny area, the Finn Valley and Inishowen

If you live in one of these areas contact:
Michelle Maguire
2 Cedar House
Main Street

Tel 074-9190141

Michelle Maguire

Tel: 086-8186345

Email: michelle.maguire@foroige.ie

 Website: www.foroige.ie

National Family Day 2017

Look who attended our Family Day in Oakfield Park in Raphoe to celebrate National Parents Day 2017! As part of the day and to promote family time, each of the families who attended  received a pack which included a Family Time Jar which they now use to help come up with ideas on what activities they can do together as a family.

This is our Family Fun Jar!

'I am filled up with lots of fun things we can do together as a family.
Make sure you use me often!'.

The most important time is family time.

Story Sack Initiative in Carndonagh Library
Donegal Teen Parents Support Programme have launched their Story Sack Iniative in Carndonagh Library. This iniative is aimed at highlighting the importance of Literacy by showing parents just how important it is to read to children from an early age. This is done through our 'story sack' which includes a story book, reading prop (such as a character from the storybook), details on all local libraries, a library card, nursery rhyme leaflet as well as tips and advice on how to introduce books to babies and toddlers.

Greta Petraviciute with her son Erik and Foroige's Jacqueline Doherty in Carndonagh Library

The  Donegal TPSP has been part of Feelgood Fortnight which took place in Co. Donegal during June and July 2015. Feelgood Fortnight is a positive mental health awareness campaign.  The TPSP, which is based in Ballybofey, contributed to spreading the happiness by creating a 'happy tree' in the local woods where many people come to walk.  They tied lots of happy positive thoughs, quotes and words on the trees and also attached blank pages for people to add their own thoughts.  So far the TPSP has received fantastic feedback and the 'happy tree' is definitely doing what it set out to do i.e. to brighten up someone's day!

The 'happy tree' with Jamie Browne and Foróige staff Jacqueline, Michelle and Cara 

So far the TPSP has received fantastic feedback and the 'happy tree' is definitely doing what it set out to do i.e. to brighten up someone's day!

Donegal TPSP Youth Advisory Committee

Pictured above are some members of the Donegal TPSP Youth Advisory Committee who, with the assistance of project workers, are working to achieve the best possible outcomes for teen parents with  in County Donegal.
The purpose of the Donegal TPSP Youth Advisory Committee  is: 
  • To get our say and our ideas across
  • Help to plan what we are going to do
  • To represent the voice of teen parents across Finnvalley, Inishowen and Letterkenny
  • Listening to other teen parents and help them have their voice heard.

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The Young Parents Survival Guide
 Linking to http://www.tpsp.ie/download.php?page_id=14&fragment_id=139&download_id=25

Download THE YOUNG PARENTS SURVIVAL GUIDE.PDF (1,632 Kb, 11 Mar 2012)

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